Acme Specialist Dog WhistlesAcme produce a variety of specialist dog whistles both in range audible to the human ear as well as ultra sonic whistles.  Established in 1870 Acme dog whistles are still made in England to this day.

The Acme Plastic Dog Whistles come in a variety of pitches to suit your dog and use case.  For example, Retrievers and Labradors will normally benefit from a 211.5 whistle that travels further whereas a higher pitched dog whistle like the 210.5 is more suited to close range work.

A High pitch barely audible whistle with a weatherproof pea to provide the famous Acme trill of rolling notes or a variable frequency. Ideal for close work the 210 is available in a host of colours for your choice.

Featuring a high pitch without a pea the 210.5 gives a bright sound and is suitable for both close and distance work.  Featuring a lower pitch than the 210.5 but with the same great features.  Known as the pro trialler the 212 is a great all rounder with a pitch easily within human hearing.

Acme Dog Whistles range

210 – Ultra High with pea
210.5 – High pitch without pea
211.5 – Standard pitch without pea
212 – Field Trialers single pitch


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