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Based on in-depth field studies and tests De.La.RO (Delaro) was born when professional shooters met an expert optician willing to study and innovate.  In only a short time the brand has reached a worldwide stage and is a byword for excellence in the production of shooting eyewear at the international level.

In 2016 Silvia Lamera and Ivan Rossi met Toni De Maria, an optician with drive and passion who wanted to innovate.  Ivan wanted something very simple.  Glasses that bring out the best in the shooter, eliminating as much as possible the negative effects of light that impact a shot.

Out of these twin desires De.La.Ro  (Delaro) was born.  Only a few short years further on and the brand has grown in both technical performance and international renown.

The frames are unique.  For comfort various sizes are available and the nose piece is adjustable for best sight and comfort.  Toni visits shooting ranges and observes the shooters.  Developing more and more technologically advanced lenses for every condition.

De.La.Ro (Delaro) now offer frames in various sizes to suit.  As well as a vast selection of lenses both standard and flash.  Prescription lenses are available in both but as each set needs to be custom made please get in touch with our gun shop on 01242 870391 to order.

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