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Established for over three hundred years, Meindl are master boot makers behind some of the biggest innovations in boot making history.  We stock our favorite boots for the country environment, The Dovre Field, Dovre Extreme and Bhutan as well as essential care for those boots.

Established by Petrus Meindl as far back as 1683 in Kirchanschoring, Bavaria, Southern Germany. Over 300 years later and Meindl now produce over 1 million pairs of boots and shoes from the factory in the same place each year.

Currently in charge are Lukas and Lars Meindl, the eleventh generation of Family shoemakers.  Employing two hundred master shoemakers they each bring experience and attention to detail to successfully guide each pair of boots through the more than two hundred steps to make each boot.

Continually focusing on innovation Alfons Meindl was one of the first shoemakers to integrate GORE-TEX into a boot.  Not only waterproof but breathable too.  He was also involved in developing the A-D terrain categories that are widely used to categorise boots and shoes today.

Each Meindl boot is handcrafted using modern mechanical equipment with each machine being operated by a person.  The favored approach is to create high quality hand hand crafted quality over cheap mass produced footwear.

Whether you are using your boots to climb Mount Everest, exploring the city or anything in between. Proper care and attention for your boots is critical.  We offer a range of Meindl shoe care products to help ensure the longevity of your boot.


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