Ridgeline Clothing is the choice for many rural professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Balancing performance with cost has always been central to the Ridgeline philosophy and this has resulted in a range of outdoor clothing that is comfortable, durable but most importantly, doesn’t cost the earth.

Ridgeline have developed a range of specialist fabrics to suit all weather conditions, with the characteristic ‘Big Four’ – Warmth, Comfort, Durability & Functionality – at the core of all designs. Ian Coley Country stocks a range of Ridgeline products, including the ever-popular smocks, jackets and hybrid-fleeces.

Ridgeline Clothing’s origins lie in the rugged mountains of New Zealand. In this varied and often harsh environment, Ridgeline brand founder Peter Maxwell, learnt from hands-on experience that people need clothing that is warm, light and able to withstand a lot of rough treatment. The specialist outdoor clothing brand Ridgeline was launched in 1994 and has gone from strength to strength since.

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