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Decot HY-WYD Lens 69

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Decot HY-WYD Lens 69

Shatterproof polycarbonate lens for the Decot HY-WYD 69 frame

  • V-Lite 2
  • ColorMag Lt Med
  • BRZ-2
  • Colormag Med
  • Gold 15
  • LMTS


Decot HY-WYD Lens 69

Average Daytime Light Conditions

The light to medium shades of:

  • V-lite (Rose): fantastic when shooting orange, orange with black edge, and black targets. This lens darkens the sky and fades out the green background. Excellent for hunting too.
  • Target Sun (Lite, Med, Dark): likewise good for all colored targets. Also fades out green background which enhances the target. For sun sensitive eyes, the target sun is a little cooler than the more intense V-lites.
  • Target Orange: Good all around shade for orange targets, especially on average sun or light overcast days.
  • Bronze: A good all purpose lens for skeet, Trap and sporting clays on bright days and general hunting conditions.
  • Vermilion (Red): Most of the lenses described above have a percentage of vermilion chemicals in the coating to enhance the target colors. People who have red/green color deficiency, find this lens best for general conditions.
  • Orange Ice, Pink Blaze, Rose Blaze: These tints are enjoyed by many who like the brightness of target color and sharp contrast to the background.  Pink Blaze is also good for those with red/green deficiency.
  • Blue Ice: Custom developed for lime green targets.

Low Light Conditions

  • Gold, Clear, Fawn, Yellow, Sunglo: These colors will give you a high percentage of light transmission and better definition of your target.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Eliminates all reflection off the surface of a lens giving you maximum light transmission for sharper focus. Special handling is necessary.

Intense Sunlight or Glare

  • Darker shades of V-lite, Target Sun, Bronze,  and Grey are available non-polarized as well as polarized. Polarized lens shades are good for medium to intense sunlight that produces glare. If you shoot over cement, snow, water or any surface that reflects light, as well as fishing, you may want to consider Polarized tints.  Colormag is designed for bright conditions orange clays.


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