Delaro Lenses




Delaro glasses (or De.La.Ro) were born when professional shooters met an optician who was willing to study shooting glasses and innovate for the future.  The Delaro Glasses Frame and case is the start of the journey.  Add in the right Delaro lenses to complete the set.

Once the frame has been brought a wide selection of standard and reflective flash lenses are available to suit the prevailing weather conditions.  Prescription lenses are also available so you no longer have to make the choice between shooting glasses or your prescription set.

Both the reflective flash and regular Delaro lenses fit on the standard frame. This provides a great many options for switching out the lenses to best suit the current weather and conditions.

Frame specification:

  • 10.6 Gram Weight (Frame only)
  • Technical Shooting Glasses designed by Optometrist and shooters for shooters
  • Ordinary lens and reflective (flash) lens available
  • Adjustable Nose Pad
  • Prescription lenses available on request**

** For Prescription lenses please contact Ian Coley Sporting directly on 01242 870391 Monday to Saturday 9am till 5pm and go through to the Gunshop, where one of our friendly staff can talk through your requirements and order the lens for you.  Prices for prescription lens available on request.


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