Pluggerz Shoot Uni Fit Earplugs



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Pluggerz Shoot Uni Fit Ear buds

Ear buds with SNR rating of 26dB.  Impact reducing earplugs.

  • 2 Pairs
  • Reusable
  • Cas included


The Pluggerz Shoot Uni Fit ear plugs provide reduced noise impact for your ears.  Provides a SNR rating of 26dB, a High of 27dB, Medium of 22dB and low of 20dB.

Two pairs of ear plugs are provided and are reusable for up to one hundred times.  The carry case is included and provides a safe place to store your ear buds when not using them or to carry them around in a safe manner.

The box, film and tray are made from fully recyclable paper.


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