Swatcom Range Bag



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Swatcom Range Bag

Tactical Range Bag in Coyote or Black.  Comprises a large main section and two large extended pockets on the front and back.

  • Coyote
  • Six total pockets, Two on the front, three on the back and the main section.
  • Carry Handle
  • Carry Strap
  • Heavy Duty Zippers


Swatcom provide a range of high quality shooting accessories designed for the military, police and professional shooters.  The key lines stocked by Ian Coley sporting include the Swatcom Range Bag, Tactical Shooting Gloves, SC21 Ear plugs, Silenta kids headset and the mighty Active8 Ear Defenders, the most popular ear defenders we stock.

The Swatcom Tactical Range Bag available in Coyote or Black includes a large main section and two large extended pockets on the front and back. The front features a smaller pocket and the back has an additional two pockets. With a carry handle, shoulder strap and heavy duty zippers this bag will carry everything you need.

Swatcom winter shooting gloves in coyote or black specifically designed for shooters as part of the tactical gear range. Practical gloves lined with thinsulate insulation which will keep your hands nice and warm whilst ensuring that you get plenty of grip when holding your firearm. Wrist closures made from Velcro ensure a comfortable fit that will fit snugly and not be too tight.

Provides a steady 15db noise reduction that will greatly ramp up in the presense of a large bang.  Designed to lower noise levels whilst still allowing detail such as when someone is talking to be heard.  The SC21 Pro Impulse ear plugs are a clever bit of kit.

Adjustable, flexible and durable design makes the Silenta ear defenders an individual fit which protects children’s hearing on the move. Medium to large cups make the pressure from the Silenta evenly distributed, ensuring that your child feels comfortable wearing them.

The Newly developed SWATCOM Active8 waterproof headsets are used for Military, Police Operations and Professional Shooters. The new ASIC* digital electronics offers 360 degree stereo sound reproduction to enhance situational awareness and audio clarity whilst giving optimum personnel hearing protection.

Swatcom Range

  • Swatcom Range Bag
  • Winter Gloves
  • SC21 Ear plugs
  • Kids Silenta Ear Defenders
  • Active8 Ear Defenders


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