Tetra Gun Lubricant 120ml



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Tetra Gun Lubricant in 120ml

Fluoropolymer Penetrating Lubricant and Bore Conditioner

• Widest operating temperature range -100›F to 750›F
• Migrates to hard-to-reach places
• Provides rust protection
• Easy to use
• Low odor
• Bore conditioning for increased velocity, improved accuracy and easy clean-up


The Tetra Gun Range is a selection of items designed to assist you in the proper care and cleaning of your shotgun.  The range stocked at Ian Coley Country includes the Tetra Gun Lubricant, designed to lubricate the action.  As well as reduce wear and help prevent rust.

The Liquid Blue for steel touch up or a complete reblue.  The complete finishing kit brings out the natural beauty in wood stocks.

The carbon and lubricating wipes both help to look after your weapon.

All of these products are shipped and sold from the UK.

Items available in the Tetra Gun range are

  • Lubricant
  • Lubricating Wipes
  • Carbon Wipes
  • Gun Stock Finishing Kit
  • Liquid Blue


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