By Hunters for Hunters are the Harkila watchwords.  Founded in Southern Sweden at the Harkila Kennel in Västra Götaland 1985.  Thirty five years later and sold in more than fifty countries, Harkila products in their words are by the best for the best, or for those that want to be.

Establishing themselves as industry leaders their clothing has evolved.  Packed with ever newer technologies, designs and product styles.  Harkila design ethos is for those who demand more from their hunting gear. It’s for the ambitious, the passionate, and the professional.  With an aim to make clothing that actively elevates a customers skills whilst in the field.

Humble Beginings

Starting as a simple dog kennel the family run business bred prized hunting dogs. Specializing in the Drever hound and the Jämthund elkhound.  The family specialized in Swedish Moose hunting, naturally the first Harkila product was a specialist Moose hunting one.  Made with GORE-TEX membrane to withstand the roughness of the Swedish landscape and climate. This was a groundbreaking move and the first in the industry to secure this top-of-the-line membrane system.

Hunting has been a feature in Nordic life for thousands of years.  Playing a major role in the nutrition of the population as well as conserving ecosystems and biodiversity. With a belief in living in harmony with nature through a respectful and knowledgeable approach.   Transferred from generation to generation.

Many great technologies have been incorporated into the range including GORE-TEX, Polartec and Harkilas own heat membrane technology.  Look for these great features in the Reidmar 2.0 GTX Boots, the Sandhem Fleece Gilet and the Harkila Heat Waistcoat.

When buying Harkila be assured that what you are buying is of the highest quality, the products are not cheap, they are not designed to be, they are designed with a singular purpose.  To be the best.

From the Founder Kjell Lennartsson

“When we started out, our intention was never to make the cheapest hunting clothes on the market. Instead, we wanted to make the best hunting clothes on the market. We know that there will always be hunters who want the best hunting clothes possible. If you set out to make the best hunting clothes for the moose hunters, the best hunting clothes for the wild boar hunters etc., you can go far. If you have that ambition, you will never be able to make the cheapest clothes on the market. Because you need to use the best materials available and produce the clothes at the best and most experienced factories to achieve the best hunting clothes possible. We can never offer the cheapest hunting clothes on the market. But our goal is to offer the best.”

– Kjell Lennartsson, founder of Harkila


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