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Supplying fine leather goods since 2010, Hicks and Hides products are started and finished by hand with thier signature addition of recycled shotgun cartridges and rifle brass casings.

In 2010 seventeen year old Bridie Hicks founded Hicks and Hides, adding used shotgun shell casings to leather goods.  Starting the company from the family home it has grown, but are still based in the same village of Broadway in the Cotsworlds.

Now a treasured country brand, manufacturing unique leather goods including belts, bags, dog leads and collars, slips and more. All with the signature look included.  Look for them at various agricultural and equestrian shows.

When buying belts or dog collars look out for ‘multi’ or ‘tip’ in the title.  Referring to the placement of used shells the tip will feature a single shell in the tip of the belt while the multi will have multiple shells decorating the length.  The leather is available in a range of colours including Black, Cognac and Brown.

Hicks and Hides products are often named into size groups.  For example if buying a dog collar the Stanway multi field dog collar is designed for smaller dogs.  Sizes range from Extra Small to Medium.  The Laverton by contrast is ideal for larger dogs running in sizes from Large to Two Extra Large.

Hicks and Hides

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