Laksen Sporting, clothing and accessoriesEstablished in Denmark in 1977 as a small producer of high-quality clothing for hunting and fly fishing, the Laksen Sporting brand has grown considerably since that time.

Laksen’s passion for sporting adventures drives it to develop the very best clothing and accessories for the most adverse and diverse weather possible.

The company was the first to be granted a European license for the manufacture of clothing with waterproof Gore-Tex technology. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, always combining innovation with quality.

Being one of the first brands in Europe to offer real waterproof garments to hunters and fly fishers. The demand for Laksen Sporting’s products grew and it started to export its clothing.

In 1999, Laksen Sporting introduced the first lightweight and waterproof-breathable wool tweed products, which led to extensive growth. A large part of Laksen’s range is still dedicated to these signature products in traditional Scottish tweed. These are designed for all types of country sports.

No longer focused solely on hunting and fly fishing, Laksen has become renowned for crafting quality clothing for all country sporting adventures. Including shooting, stalking and many more.

Today’s collections consist of more than 400 unique products for hunting and shooting. The range of stylish and practical jackets, vests and shirts is perfect for days spent in the field, allowing hunters to take on the elements without compromising on style. Laksen shooting accessories are part of a premium range which are the perfect finishing touch to the country sports look.


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