Pampeano Pampa Dog Collar



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Pampeano Pampa Dog Collar

Available in a range of styles and sizes to suit your dog.

  • XS: 40cm long, 1.5cm wide
  • S: 45cm long, 1.5cm wide
  • M: 50cm long, 2.5cm wide
  • L: 55cm long, 2.5cm wide
  • XL: 60cm long, 2.5cm wide


The Navidad leather Pampeano dog collar is a favourite in Pampeano’s luxurious leather dog collar collection and has been hand-stitched with vibrantly coloured saddlery threads in gold, navy, red and racing green.

Meaning ‘serene’ in Spanish, the Sereno design is a favourite among Pampeano customers, proving to be a popular polo belt already. This colour scheme is inspired by the cool summer nights of Rio de la Plata in Argentina. Now available for your dog too.

One of Pampeano’s most popular designs the stunning Hermoso Pampeano dog collar. Consisting of contrasting pink and navy threads, this dog collar is a beautiful dog collar to be worn by every dog breed. Hermoso means handsome/beautiful which Pampeano think is very fitting. The popular and attractive colour combination has made this design one of Pampeano’s best sellers.

The leather that has been used on all Pampeano’s dog collars is exactly the same as that used on Pampeano’s stunning popular Argentinian Pampeano polo belts. It has been hand selected in Argentina and expertly vegetable-tanned to create a finished product that is rich and supple yet tough. The quality is unquestionable and consistent throughout all Pampeano’s leather products.

Size Length Width Example Breed*
Extra Small 40cm 1.5cm Jack russel
Small 45cm 1.5cm Beagle
Medium 50cm 2.5cm Border Collie
Large 55cm 2.5cm Labrador
Extra Large 60cm 2.5cm German Shepherd
  • Please note that the breeds given are an example only and may not apply in all cases.



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