ACME Plastic Dog Whistles




The Acme Plastic Dog Whistles come in a variety of pitches to suit your dog and you.  Some of the whistles are ultrasonic whereas others are audible to the human ear.

A High pitch barely audible whistle with a weatherproof pea to provide the famous Acme trill of rolling notes or a variable frequency. Ideal for close work the 210 is available in a host of colours for your choice.

Featuring a high pitch without a pea the 210.5 gives a bright sound and is suitable for both close and distance work.  Featuring a lower pitch than the 210.5 but with the same great features.  Known as the pro trialler the 212 is a great all rounder with a pitch easily within human hearing.

210 – Ultra High with pea
210.5 – High pitch without pea
211.5 – Standard pitch without pea
212 – Field Trialers single pitch


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