SC21 Swatcom Pro Impulse Ear Plugs



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SC21 Swatcom Pro Impulse Ear Plugs

Providing a steady protection rate of 15dB whilst ramping up in the presence of loud bangs.  In ear protection able to be worn in conjunction with the Swatcom Active8Ear Defenders.

  • 15dB estimated protection
  • Re-usable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Included Carry Case


Small portable ear buds providing a steady 15dB noise reduction, the Sc21 Swatcom Pro Impulse Ear plugs will briefly ramp up that protection when a loud noise such as a bang is detected. Automatically lowers the noise level whilst still allowing detail such as talking to be heard.

Provides a steady 15db noise reduction that will greatly ramp up in the presense of a large bang.  Comfortable to wear these plugs can be worn under over ear protection such as the Swatcom Active8 Headphones for extra protection. Reusable and washable for long lasting life.

  • The Impulse filter with custom mould has a constant noise SNR value of 15dB (estimated). Suitable for continuous safe use to 100dB
  • ANSI IPIL certified impulse protection is 33.1 dB maximum
  • Included Carry Case



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