Leather Toe Protector by Bisley



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Bisley Leather Toe Protector

Toe Protector by Bisley.  Protects your shoe from the heat of your shotgun barrel.

  • Made from leather
  • Protects feet and shoe


Bisley makes a variety of essential shooting equipment including the Bisley Leather Toe Protector.

Ian Coley Country stocks a range of Bisley products to provide different functions for your shooting needs.  The Gun Care and cleaning section ranges wool mops and cleaning rods to sportsman’s cloth and cleaning patches.

Equipment like snap caps help to relive pressure on the springs when the gun is in storage or test the ejection if required.  Hand guards protect your hand from the heat of the barrels.

For the Air rifle enthusiast we sell a range of targets and dovetail scope mounts.  For the dogs, standard canvas dummies make great toys.


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